Places To Stay In Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong is a great idea but it is important to plan it well to make it a worthwhile experience. One of the first steps in planning a trip to any place is to decide on a hotel or residence to stay at. It should be safe, convenient and give you the best of your destination. Read the options given below to find the most appropriate place to stay at in this Island. Of course you have don’t have to limit it to one. You can mix it up and stay at different areas to enjoy the whole of Hong Kong which would make your trip more complete.

Wan Chai

Here you get one of the most energetic crowds of the island. It is well known for its bars, street food stalls, street shops, restaurants and any affordable hotel Hong Kong. It is also home to the tallest building of the country which is the Central Plaza that stands 374 meters in height made out of glass and granite. Along the waterfront, the convention and exhibition centre is located, used for all important conferences and meetings by companies. Golden Bauhinia Square has a statue made of gold that was erected in 1997 as a representation of China’s separation from Britain.


Staying at luxury hotel central will help you to enjoy all the landmarks of the northern part of the island which includes the many well lit up city buildings standing tall in the night time. It is situated in close proximity to Star Ferry pier and overlooks the Victoria harbour. Here, you also find the Hollywood road which is a part of the colonial times and is well lit by Victorian street lamps. There is also the Cat Street to explore for those who are interested in shopping for vintage jewellery and antiques. LanKwai Fong and SoHo are two places known for great nightlife and restaurants serving the best of flavours in this area of the island.


TsimShaTsui is the most southern part of Kowloon, which is opposite Hong Kong Island. Here, there is the Museum of Art which identifies with the cultural background of the Island. Both the museum and cultural centre holds various concerts, art shows, and many other performances which you must enjoy while you stay in this part of the island. The Victoria Harbour is lit in neon colours at night which makes a perfect site to see especially from a roof top bar which you get plenty in here.

Visit all the different parts of Hong Kong and enjoy all that it has to offer.