Things to keep in mind when planning a group trip

What is better than going on a trip? Going it with a large group. Group trips are exciting and way more fun than any other. You get to have a great time with your family and friends. Since you all are no strangers, it is definitely something that will get you excited. Group trips means laughter, pranks, jokes, stories and what not. But, there is a small issue; Planning! Planning group trips is not the easiest task. You will have to do so much and you will have to prepare so well. To help you out we have put together somethings that you might want to keep in mind when planning such a trip. This will avoid many issues.

Mini groups


That’s right, mini groups. This means that you need to divide your large groups to mini ones and assign each group certain tasks. This will get the planning done faster and it will be more efficient as you will know which responsibility is assigned to which group. You can get one group to book the tickets, another to book the hotels and so on. But, make sure that each mini group discusses with the whole large one before they confirm any decision. Everyone needs to be comfortable with each and every selection.




Planning a budget will prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary things. Also, it will get everyone to contribute equally which will avoid any sort of arguments and disagreements. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the budget and the contribution they have to make. You don’t want any grumpy moods during the trip. Also, make sure you plan the budget by discussing with each and everyone.

Transport and accommodation


Since you are traveling with a large group, you might have to put more thought into this specific field. After all, getting four or five taxis is not practical and it will be very expensive. Opt for better transport modes like bus rental in singapore. This way you will be saving money and will be able to travel around with a reliable driver. As for the accommodation, opt for options where you get to spend time with the whole group. Avoid hotels and so, go for holiday homes, camps, hostels and bungalows. These options are more fun and will give everyone the chance to enjoy each others company.


These are just a few things that you need to keep in mind when traveling with a large group. At the end of the day, your trip will be filled with excitement and joy, simply because you get to enjoy it with your loved ones.